Magnum Opus? iCoffee's Single Serve Brewer Gets Put To The Test

Magnum Opus? iCoffee's Single Serve Brewer Gets Put To The Test

The iCoffee Opus is the new single serve coffee maker from the people behind the original iCoffee, which I reviewed for Chew On That Blog a while ago. Keep reading for the full review, and see if this one makes the cup!

Like I said above, this single-serve brewer comes from Remington iCoffee, who created the original machine which I couldn’t get enough of (read the review here). So when they told me their new machine would apply the same SteamBrew technology as the original, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

The verdict? In short, it’s fantastic. As skeptical as I was prior to trying out the machine, all bets were off when I actually tried the coffee. I mean really, how can the SpinBrew change the flavor of a K-Cup? The answer is a lot. Instead of the too hot, too bitter coffee I’m used to loading up with some sugar substitute and loads of milk, I was able to drink the iCoffee Opus coffee black. 

Pure deliciousness, plain and simple. The machine has a wonderful industrial look, and my favorite part is the pushbutton lid. All I do is push a button and the capsule holder opens itself. What’s even better is that the entire unit fits under my kitchen cabinets without me having to slide it out. 

What are you waiting for? Go check out the iCoffee Opus and brew yourself a better cup!

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