Measurement Equivalents and Conversion

Need to translate that European recipe into our American standard measurements? Does your great-great-grandmother’s recipe call for pinches and dashes instead of teaspoons and tablespoons? This is the place to start putting some measurements together. This handy reference includes the most used and requested conversions for baking and cooking. Just read each row across to find other measurements equal to each amount.

Liquid Measure
 1/5 tsp   1 ml
 1/4 tsp1 dash3 drops  
 1 tsp   5 ml
1 tbsp3 tsp 1/16 cup1/2 fl oz15 ml
2 tbsp6 tsp 1/8 cup1 oz30 ml
4 tbsp12 tsp 1/4 cup2 fl oz 
5 1/3 tbsp  1/3 cup  
8 tbsp24 tsp1/4 pt1/2 cup4 fl oz118 ml
16 tbsp48 tsp1/2 pt1 cup8 fl oz237 ml
32 tbsp 1 pt2 cups16 fl oz473 ml
64 tbsp1 qt2 pts4 cups32 fl oz946 ml (.95 liters)
1 gal4 qts8 pts16 cups128 fl oz3.8 liters

Dry Measure
 1/8 tsp 1 pinch   
1 tbsp3 tsp 1/16 cup1/2 fl oz14 grams 
2 tbsp6 tsp 1/8 cup1 fl oz28 grams 
4 tbsp12 tsp 1/4 cup2 fl oz57 grams 
8 tbsp24 tsp 1/2 cup4 oz113 grams1 stick butter
16 tbsp48 tsp 1 cup8 oz227 grams1/2 lb
32 tbsp 1 pt2 cups16 oz454 grams1 lb
 1 qt2 pts4 cups32 oz907 grams2 lbs
2 gal8 qts16 pts1 peck   
8 gal  4 pecks1 bushel  

Making Conversions
ounces to grams:multiply ounce figure by 28.3 to get number of grams
grams to ounces:multiply gram figure by .0353 to get number of ounces
pounds to grams:multiply pound figure by 453.59 to get number of grams
pounds to kilograms:multiply pounds by 0.45 to get number of kilograms
ounces to milliliters:multiply ounce figure by 30 to get number of milliliters
cups to liters:multiply cup figure by 0.24 to get number of liters

Some Common Weights Egg Substitute
1 cup sifted flour5 oz 1 large egg2 oz = 1/4 cup = 4 tbsp
1 cup sugar8 oz1 egg yolk1 tbsp + 1 tsp
1 cup brown sugar6 oz1 egg white2 tbsp +2 tsp
1 cup confectioner’s (powdered) sugar4.5 oz 

Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius: subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit amount, multiply by 5 then divide by 9Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit: multiply the Celsius amount by 9, divide by 5, then add 32
-10-23 (freezer temp)275135
320 (water freezes)325162
6820 (room temp)375190
20596 (water simmers)450232
212100 (water boils)475246
225110500260 (broiling)


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