Mr. Coffee "Café Barista" Review

Mr. Coffee

Skip the line and get your own latte at home, with Mr. Coffee's "Café Barista!" Check out this espresso-making, milk-frothing, and latte-making machine!

The Mr. Coffee "Café Barista" is an espresso machine and latté/cappuccino maker. It sits easily on the counter next to your other small counter-top kitchen appliances. It is black, sleek and modern, and won’t distract from the aesthetics of your kitchen.


This machine doesn’t only make fresh espresso from hand-tamped grounds, but steams milk in a clear, plastic basin (no barista-skills needed!) that can be added to your espresso to make a latté, cappuccino, and any number of personalized creations.  



It’s easy to use andcompletely customizable, without the high-end coffee shop prices. There’s a water basin attached to the back of the machine that is used to brew the espresso. Using whatever dark roast coffee or espresso grounds your prefer, you simply tamp (press) the grounds into a small one or two ounce metal dish that is inserted and snapped into place at the front of the machine. Place your favorite mug beneath the spickets, and with the simple push of a button, delicious, creamy espresso will pour. Just as simply, buttons and a lever will determine the amount of foam that is added to your espresso for that true Italian speciality. There is even a recipe booklet full of yummy creations to help steer your espresso cravings.


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