Olé, Vegetarians! Moe's Knows Mexican!

Olé, Vegetarians! Moe's Knows Mexican!

As you probably know, I’m currently transitioning to a plant based diet. So far, I’ve found it surprisingly easy to cut meat out of my diet (I’m working on cheese, but I’ll get there). Recently, I got the chance to have lunch at a Moe’s Southwestern Grill with the promise that they had some of the most delicious vegetarian fast food available. Did Moe’s live up to the promise? Keep reading to find out!

When I got to Moe’s I was surprised to find that it was different from any other Mexican chain that I had been to. For one, their selection of ingredients was significantly higher than any other place that I frequent. If a place has both pickled and fresh jalapeños, they’re good in my book. Furthermore, I was able to add some deliciously seasoned tofu to my burrito bowl, which added a needed protein punch. 

Jen had a steak burrito bowl piled high with fresh pico de gallo, guacamole, and cheese. Allison had a chicken bowl stacked with lettuce and other healthy things. Mine was piled high with pickled jalapeños. When I mean piled high, I literally mean at least two inches of them. Delicious. 

Another feature that I like about Moe’s over other places is that they have a salsa bar. When I saw it, angelic music totally played in the background (not really, but it should’ve). Unlimited chips and salsa is something I like from a Mexican restaurant, and having that feature built into a fast-casual establishment is awesome. I went for the insanely hot tomatillo, and I think Moe’s needs to make one that’ll blow my tongue off, because I’ve definitely built up an immunity. 

In conclusion, Moe’s offers some awesome selections for vegetarians (and by the looks of it, everything can be vegan too). Not only do I love their fancy Coke machine, but I also love their food. You fellow plant-eaters out there can feel right at home at your local Moe’s. 


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