Our 10 Highest-Rated Potato Salads

Our 10 Highest-Rated Potato Salads

If you’re looking for the very best potato salad recipe for your picnic or BBQ, don’t waste your time searching through hundreds of recipes. Instead, pick one of our top-rated potato salad recipes! These tried and true recipes have all received the seal of approval from our users, so you know they’re the very best!

Greek Potato Salad: The reason why this potato salad recipe  is so special is that it doesn't contain any mayonnaise. It's more about potatoes, onion and spices.
CONTEST WINNER: Summer Potato Salad: This recipe is from my mom, which came from her dear friend Marilyn. Marilyn passed away of breast cancer many years ago, so any time we make any of her fabulous recipes she is always in our thoughts.

Potato Salad: This is a sweet, creamy recipe made with red potatoes.
All-American Potato Salad: Bring this to your next picnic or BBQ and really impress your friends and relatives!
Bavarian Potato Salad: This potato salad recipe  features bacon and onions.
Hot Potato Salad: Instead of serving cold potato salad, try this recipe for hot potato salad.

Jeanette’s Light Potato Salad: This special recipe is light because instead of mayo substitute with pickle juice, olive oil  and lemon juice.
Potato and Green Bean Salad: Add a little something to your old standard potato salad.

4 Ingredient Potato Salad: This is my version of my grandmother's recipe. Everyone tells me it's the best they've ever eaten. So when we have get togethers, guess who gets to make the potato salad !
Herbed Potato Salad: Use this for a great side salad with a steak dinner or perfect for a side at a family barbecue.

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