Our 2013 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Our 2013 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It's almost time for Valentine's Day.You know what that means? You forgot to buy the gifts! Don't worry! We've got seven of our picks for the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for the foodies in your life! Keep reading for the full list!

Sweet Andy’s Cookies- Who doesn’t like cookies? Who doesn’t like an American cookie company? Who doesn’t like an American cookie company that started when its owner made cookies for people who helped him out when he was unemployed? Not only is it a great story, but the cookies are HANDS DOWN the best cookies we’ve ever had. The mint chocolate chip is our favorite variety.

XXX Shine Salted Caramel Whiskey-
For the whiskey lover in your life, take it to the next level. Instead of buying them some expensive caramels and a bottle of whiskey, just buy them something that combines both. Not only does Philadelphia Distilling make one of our favorite whiskeys, they also make a Salted Caramel Whiskey. Our favorite Valentine’s Day idea? Make an adult float by mixing some root beer, a shot of the whiskey, and a scoop of ice cream. They’ll love you for it! If they don’t, just put another shot of the whiskey in their next float and then they will!

QVC’s Popcorn Palace I Love You Chicago Chic Tin- Nothing says “I love you” like curling up together with one of your favorite movies and snacking on some popcorn. We love the Popcorn Palace Tin from QVC because it’s the trademark Chicago mix: half brown sugar caramel and half cheddar. There’s a reason they call it Chicago chic! So send this to your love and curl up to watch a movie when the 14th rolls around! 

LINDOR Truffles Valentine’s Day Gift Box- We just had to include chocolates in here, what would you think if we didn’t? So, why not send your love the best this Valentine’s Day. The gift box is packed full with their delicious milk chocolate truffles, each individually wrapped. It’s the perfect way for your lolve to be reminded of you when the snack, and they don’t have to worry about all this delicious chocolate going bad! 

Spiegelau Beer Classics Set-
For the beer lover in your life, why not buy them some glassware that takes the stigma out of beer drinking and turns it into an art like wine drinking? We love the Beer Classics set from Spiegelau because it features all the essentials: a stemmed pilsner, a tall pilsner, a lager glass, and a wheat beer glass. It’s a simple, sturdy, and beautiful set. 

Bols Genever-
Bols Genever is in a product category of its own, which means it’s on par with things like champagne, cognac, and Scottish single-malt whiskey. It’s only allowed to be made in Holland and the surrounding areas, so quality is maintained. Corn, wheat, rye, and juniper-berry distillate are all blended together to achieve a 42% alcohol rating. But what does that all mean?! It means this is one delicious spirit that’s perfect for the person who loves to try new types of liquor.  

Botticelli Foods- When Ina Garten always says to use good ingredients, this is probably what she means. We love the items from Botticelli because they're such high quality AND they're imported from Italy! Their olive oil is absolutely wonderful and lends itself to so many uses! We love to combine their olive oils with their delicious balsamic vinegar to make a salad dressing that makes us feel like we're in the heart of Italy! Their items are must-haves for your foodie love!

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