Picking the Perfect Fruits and Veggies

Picking the Perfect Fruits and Veggies

The flowers are in bloom and so are your favorite fruits and vegetables. But how do you pick the perfect addition to your fresh spring appetite?


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Picking the freshest of the fresh in the fruit and vegetable sections in your local grocery store can pose some challenges. However, keep these few tips in mind while you shop and it will ensure your fruits and vegetables are at their peak of picking perfection. 


Springtime brings cravings of seasonal fruits such as pineapple, strawberries, oranges, mango and limes. Before you treat your taste buds to a tropical getaway, make sure you are picking the ripest fruits you can find. 


When picking your fruits remember to look for:



  • A golden yellow coloring between the scales
  • A sweet smell (if it smells like vinegar it is overripe)
  • A firm but slightly pliable skin


  • Avoid smashed or moldy berries on the bottom of the container
  • Avoid a container that is stained red (it could mean some berries are overripe)
  • Bright red color and leafy green stem


  • Firmness
  • Heavy weight
  • Smooth skin


  • Slightly pliable skin (similar to a ripe peach)
  • Slightly fruity smell at the stem
  • Avoid judging ripeness by color alone


  • A bit of yellow coloring along with the green
  • A citrusy lime aroma
  • Slightly pliable skin 

Fruits are not the only seasonal goodies on the menu for spring. Vegetables like corn, artichokes and asparagus bring color and punches of flavor to spring dishes. 


When picking your vegetables remember to look for:


Corn on the Cob

  • Bright green husks
  • Moist leaves and stem area
  • Plump and bright yellow kernels
  • Avoid corn with browning husks or stems


  • Tight leaves
  • Heavy weight
  • Firmness
  • Avoid stem bottoms that are dark brown or black

Eating healthy this spring will be a little easier with these tips. Get the punchy flavor you crave and stop wasting money on fruits and vegetables that are under or overripe. Instead, enjoy a fresh twist on spring foods and check out some great recipes for fruits and vegetables here on Recipe 4 Living. 


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