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Recipe4Living's Ultimate Guide to Spring!

Recipe4Living's Ultimate Guide to Spring!

If you’re looking for the very best spring recipes, look no further! Welcome to Recipe4Living's spring headquarters, complete with new ways to cook spring produce, our favorite spring crockpot meals, Easter menus, free eCookbooks, and a contest! Feel free to click around, find some recipes you like, and enjoy!

I. Spring Recipe Collections & Menus
II. Easter Recipe Collections & Menus
III. eCookbooks
IV. Contest

I. Spring Recipe Collections & Menus
Fresh fruits and veggies are at the top of our grocery list this season, and there are so many different ways to prepare them!  Bake a tasty rhubarb crumble, cook some asparagus chicken for dinner, or throw some ingredients into your crockpot for an effortless meal- we have enough recipes to last you all spring!

Produce Power: 50 Spring Fruit and Vegetable Recipes

Top 10 Vegetarian Spring Recipes

14 Flavorful Artichoke Recipes for Spring
10 Savory Spring Vegetable Sides
12 Easy Spring Recipes

Start Planning Your Spring Potluck!
10 Spring Crockpot Meals

20 Rhubarb Recipes that Everyone Should Try!

10 Healthy Spring Recipes
10 Simple Spring Appetizers
A Tasty Spring Menu Made with Your Crockpot
12 Awesome Asparagus Recipes
Pack a Picnic on a Budget!

II. Easter Recipe Collections & Menus
Easter is our one of our favorite holidays.  When else can you create colorful eggs, share a delicious brunch with your family, and bake some scrumptious desserts all in one day?  If you’re stressed out about finding the perfect Easter recipes, sit back, relax, and let Recipe4Living do the work!

An Elegantly Easy Easter Dinner Menu
10 Super Simple Easter Brunch Recipes
Our Top 10 Easter Recipes for Kids

How to Tie-Dye Easter Eggs
A Family-Friendly Easter Brunch
10 Easy Easter Recipes
10 NEW Breakfast Casserole Recipes to Try this Easter!

III. eCookbooks

If all those recipes weren’t enough, download these free eCookbooks, print them out, and use them for years to come.

Easter Recipes eCookbook
Spring eCookbook

IV. Contest
No spring morning is complete without a flavorful breakfast casserole.  Share your favorite breakfast casserole and you’ll be entered to win a coffee maker and assorted coffee.  Deadline: April 6, 2011.

The Best Breakfast Casserole Recipe Contest, Sponsored by Melitta USA

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