Snack Attack: Some of My New Favorite Snacks

Snack Attack: Some of My New Favorite Snacks

Lately, I've been finding myself snacking a lot more than I used to. Some days I feel like being healthy, and other days I feel like being fat. Here are three of my new favorite snacks that range from healthy (and vegan) all the way to the indulgent (and probably approved by Paula Deen). Read on!

So, since I decided I'd start this week by being healthy, I thought I'd start with the healthier options. I don't know about you, but I always start my week with good intentions, and then it tends to go South. Anyway, here are the snacks!

Budi Bars- Budi Bars are certified vegan superfood bars that not only filled with some of the most nutritional foods in nature, they taste good too! I always say, it's one thing to eat healthy, it's another thing to eat healthy while still eating deliciously. With things like coconut, dark chocolate, and almonds in them, it's hard not to get addicted to them. I've even frozen them and eaten them, you know, because I'm insane. 

Duchy Originals Shortbread Biscuits- The royal family has good taste: Land Rovers, castles, corgis, and delcious biscuits. His Royal Highness Prince Charles The Prince of Wales has several charities, and one of them is Duchy Originals. They are devoted to creating delicious, sustainable, and organic foods. Their shortbread biscuits are absolutely fantastic. My favorite is the lemon variety, which as you know, is my favorite non-chocolate dessert flavor

Sweet Andy's Cookies- Now, we've arrived to the point in the article that I like to call Thursday. I call it that because that's when I abandon all pre-conceived notions of health and indulge. Sweet Andy's Cookies has an awesome story and an even more awesome product. The cookies are baked fresh right before shipping, and they're also on our most recent Valentine's Day Gift Guide! 

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