The 20 Best Budget Desserts EVER

The 20 Best Budget Desserts EVER

Some people may have a sweet tooth, I have a whole mouthful. These are my top 20 favorite low cost and easy to make desserts. You're welcome in advance.

Blackberry Pie Bars - This amazing recipe is inexpensive to make and is a healthy alternative to desserts. I love the way this recipe takes a unique twist on a classic pie.

Easy S’mores Pie - If you're like me and can't seem to master the art of the perfect campfire s'more try your hand at this easy pie. It's just as tasty as the campfire treat but it's less messy and you don't have to worry about achieving that golden marshmallow perfection. 

Tiramisu With Orange - This recipe may sound complicated but I promise you even I can make it, and that is saying something. You will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of this tiramisu recipe and the orange flavor will be the added bonus you were looking for.

Mango Margarita Cupcakes – Girls attention please! This recipe combines two of any girl’s favorite things, cupcakes and margaritas. You can't say no to this fun and popular dessert. 

Homemade Vanilla Almond Pudding - This light dessert is just what you need when you have a sweet tooth craving. Easy to make, low calorie and perfect for a make-ahead dessert. 

Four Ingredient Nutella Peanut butter Cookies - Anything with Nutella is a yes in my book and these peanut butter Nutella cookies are a double yes. Easy, fun and inexpensive. You really truly can't go wrong. 

Strawberry Meringue Pie - Meringue pies of any sort can be a challenge to make but once you get the hang of it there's no going back. This strawberry variety is my personal favorite because the sweetness of the strawberries is perfect with the meringue. 

Lemon Raspberry Sorbet - There is nothing quite as refreshing as a small glass of sorbet. This recipe is one to remember because you can make big batches and keep it on hand for when you need a little treat. 

Summer Strawberry Trifle - Can you tell I have a thing for strawberries? This trifle is the perfect recipe for a low budget dessert to serve to your friends and family.

Lemon-Lime Coolers - One of the most refreshing, inexpensive and easy treats you can make. These lemon-lime coolers are a keeper for sure. 

Classic Lemonade Pie – If only children had lemonade pie stands in the summer because I would be standing in line for sure. Pies are an easy dessert that will be inexpensive and delicious for all.

Strawberry Lemonade Pie - Tired of the classic? What did I say about my obsession with strawberries? I may be biased but the strawberry lemonade pie is better than the original. 

Lemon Shortbread Cookies - Shortbread cookies are low-fat, inexpensive and absolutely amazing. If that doesn't sound like a reason to try it than what is? 

Nutella Fudge Brownies with Peanuts - Are you more of brownie fan than a cookie person? If so then these brownies are the choice for you! With Nutella in them you really can't avoid eating the whole pan. 

Caramel Apple Empanadas - While they may not be the easiest recipe in the books they sure are fun to make. These caramel empanadas are a new take on dessert and we couldn't be happier. 

Easy Chocolate Croissants - These croissants are definite "oui" from me because let's be honest who doesn't enjoy a nice French pastry every now and then. 

Chocolate and Strawberry Muffins - These muffins can be a breakfast or a dessert treat! Try your luck with these muffins because we know you will enjoy them. 

Lemon Bars - These are such a favorite I couldn't stop myself. I love the zestiness of these yummy lemon bars. 

Nutella Banana Caramel Dessert Pizza - If the name of this recipe isn't enough for you to run to the store and make this then I don't know what to say. Go, now, try it! 

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