The Best 30-Minute Summer Pastas

The Best 30-Minute Summer Pastas

Instead of heavy, cream-covered pastas that are better suited for the chilly winter, summer pastas should be light and full of healthy vegetables. Refresh yourself and your loved ones with these 10 tasty recipes, each of which won’t take you longer than a half-hour to prepare.

These fresh pasta recipes will fill you up, without leaving you feeling stuffed and groggy. You can even make a double-batch for leftovers!

  1. Mac and Tomatoes - My mother in law gave me this recipe years ago. I bumped it up and came up with this. We all enjoy it. 
  2. Easy Mozzarella Pasta - This 15-minute dinner is great for busy cooks! 
  3. Pasta Puttanesca with Arugula - This is a refreshing summer meal! 
  4. Speedy Spaghetti with Chicken and Fresh Tomato - Instead of a long-simmering tomato sauce, this quick spaghetti dish is tossed with a savory mixture of chopped chicken and fresh tomato and topped with crumbled goat cheese and fresh basil. 
  5. Mediterranean Penne Pasta - This 15 minute meal has all the flavors of the Mediterranean! 
  6. Pasta 'N Tomatoes - This is a perfect summer dish as you don't have to use the oven to make it. 
  7. Chicken and Pasta - This is a quick and easy recipe for the summer months. This is a recipe I first saw in a magazine and adapted to my own tastes. 
  8. Pasta with Ricotta - This is a comfort food from when we were kids. My mom would make this as a quick snack after school or for dinner. 
  9. Bow Ties with Tomatoes, Herbs and Lemon - This is a wonderfully refreshing summer pasta! 
  10. Penne with Shrimp and Asparagus - This 10 minute dinner is super simple and healthy, too!

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