The Food Network’s Rahm Fama Shares His Top Tips for Cooking Meat

The Food Network’s Rahm Fama Shares His Top Tips for Cooking Meat

Rahm Fama has years of cooking experience and his own show on the Food Network! Read about his very best tips for cooking meat, along with his guilty pleasure and the crazy food he'd like to try.

Pork, lamb, beef, chicken…Rahm Fama loves it all, which makes him the perfect person to host the Food Network’s new series “Meat & Potatoes.”  Rahm travels the country in a search for the best burgers, the most sumptuous steaks, and the choicest chops.  Join him every Friday at 10pm Eastern Time as he discovers new and interesting ways to cook and eat all kinds of meat!  I had the chance to chat with Rahm and he not only shared some great tips, but he also dished on all things meat.  Here are some of my favorite moments from the interview.

His Pork-Cooking Tip for Beginners:
“Well there are different areas of the pork that need to have a lot of attention and then some not so much attention…Find a great BBQ or chili recipe, start with the butt and shoulder, cube it up and just let it sit in the crockpot and let it just cook slow and low…I’m thinking the butt and slow and low is the easiest thing for beginning cooks. And then you can get into the loin and the chops.” 

Here are some great recipes to get started with:
Barbecue Pork Two Ways
Smoked Pork Shoulder
Crockpot Pork Barbecue

How to Cut Meat the Right Way
“The grain runs like a muscle - it has ribbons and tissue, and when you kind of cut against it what it’s doing is cutting all those connective tissues to allow it to be more tender and elastic. So if you cut with it [the grain], not that it’s going to be tough, but it is going to be really stringy. The whole object is you want it to fall apart in your mouth. If you cut brisket with the grain then you are going to have long strings that you can probably play tug of war with it. If you cut against the grain then there's going to be no elastic bands.”

For some quick tips on how to perfectly cook your meat, click here!

His Guilty Pleasure
“I love pork rinds. Yeah, pork rinds are what my grandfather showed us- chicharrones when we were in Mexico. Pork rinds are a little bit more light and fluffy, chicharrones have more meat to them. And what I do is get my homemade tortillas - I do make them all the time - roll them out, flame them on my little open fire, maybe my stove or something. Then I put my chicharrones on it. Basically it is pork belly with a lot of fat on it. Fry them and put a lot of fat on them with loads of salt.”

The One Meat Dish He Has Yet to Try
“Normandy lamb. The lamb graze on the grass during low tide, and then at high tide the grass is saturated with salt water but then the tide goes down again and the lamb get to graze on the salt-rich grass. They are just saturated in salt and they actually become a little ditzy because the salt content is so high, but the flesh, and the meat, and the actual lamb itself is so delicious because their diet is salt-rich grass.  It is absolutely phenomenal and it’s only in Normandy.”

Watch the premiere of "Meat & Potatoes" on the Food Network on Friday, September 24 at 10:00pm Eastern time!  If you’re a lover of meat, this is definitely the show for you.  On top of some delicious dishes, expect to see lots of wild and crazy antics, from Rahm belly dancing in a Greek restaurant to riding a mechanical bull to going into a salt cave and checking out a candle made entirely out of bacon fat!

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