The Summer's Top 10 Rib Recipes

The Summer's Top 10 Rib Recipes

Ribs are a fantastic summer food. Summer's all about finger foods, right? Sure, they can get a little messy, but it's completely worth it! Check out Recipe4Living's top 10 summer rib recipes and give them a try! Let us know which recipe's your favorite by posting a review!

Short Ribs Sauerbraten - The preparation for these beef short ribs take some work but the flavor will be well worth the extra effort.

Cantonese Ribs - Orange marmalade, ginger and garlic powder give these ribs a savory taste.

Country Ribs - This rib recipe is always a family favorite! You can even make the sauce the night before for easier preparation the next day.

Catalina Ribs - Love that Catalina salad dressing but can't seem to use up that whole bottle? Try this rib recipe!

Spare Ribs A La Crockpot - Quick and easy barbecue short ribs recipe. The meat will melt in your mouth!

Hawaiian Ribs - Sweeten up your ribs with this fruity marinade.

Roadhouse Ribs - These ribs cook over indirect heat for an hour before cooking on the grill for a crispy outside and tender meat inside.

Honey BBQ Ribs - Tender parboiled pork ribs are glazed on the grill with a sweet-and-spicy sauce.

Lemon Spare Ribs - This clever recipe uses cheap, lemonade mix to season the fried ribs.

Smoke Vault Ribs - A smokey and flavorful dish for ribs. This dish includes a recipe for a dry rub also.


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