Top 10 Chicken Wing Recipes

chicken wings

Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, or any day, with this super fun and tasty recipe collection featuring our favorite chicken wing recipes. We have everything you need from sweet to spicy and baked to grilled and even easy to make. The hardest thing will be deciding which recipe to try.

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We have compiled a list of our Top 10 Chicken Wing Recipes for you to enjoy.

Buffalo Chicken Wings: This is an easy and perfect recipe to follow when making the best buffalo chicken wings ever.

Grilled Chicken Wings: Take advantage of the summer weather. We have a flavorful and easy way to use your grill and enjoy some tasty chicken wings.

Chicken Wings Pacifica: Chicken wings are a great finger food. Our Chicken Wings Pacifica recipe is flavored with soy sauce, mustard and brown sugar to create a unique flavor profile.

Spicy Chicken Wings: Bring the bar food classic home with this spicy homemade chicken wing recipe.

Easy Bake Chicken Wings
: These aren’t meant for that Easy Bake Oven. But they are an easy, inexpensive dish to bring to a party or gathering of friends. And not to mention, they are pretty tasty.

Sweet and Gooey Chicken Wings: These Asian-inspired wings are great with a little soy sauce and ginger on the side.

Hawaiian Chicken Wings: Invite the tropical Hawaiian paradise into your kitchen with this great recipe. It is a must try for those days you wish you were catching a wave or relaxing on the beach.

Hogan’s Nuclear Chicken Wings
: Um, can we say feeling hot, hot, hot! If you are a lover of very hot chicken wings then here you go, this recipe was made for you.

Japanese Chicken Wings: Chicken wings are egged and fried in butter, then baked in a tangy sauce of soy sauce, water, sugar, vinegar, garlic powder and salt. These chicken wings are delicious!

Spicy Thai Chicken Wings: So many great flavors are combined to create this fun and fresh recipe. Oyster sauce, honey, cilantro and lime come together to make this a memorable snack.

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