Whole-y Moly! Whole Foods Works For Budgets

Whole-y Moly! Whole Foods Works For Budgets

I really believe Whole Foods gets an undeservedly pretentious reputation (word of the day, score one for me). As a lifelong food lover, I have always shopped there. Just because you're getting groceries there, that doesn't mean you have to break the bank. That just means you have to shop smarter. Enter Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value brand. Consider it the entry-level foray into their products that doesn't sacrifice quality.

Recently, the kind people at Whole Foods sent me some of their products. Primarily, I got the opportunity to try some of their 365 Everyday Value products. Particularly, some of their drink offerings.

Also included in my little care package were some of their salts. Now, I have a little secret to share. I am a salt-fiend. I mean, you won't see me taking shots of salt or drinking it through a straw like a milkshake. I'm not crazy. Promise.

The two salts they sent me were Fleur de Sel and Cypriot Flake. I was like a little kid on Christmas, a fat kid at the candy store (which I used to be), or any other comparison you could make.

I tore into the salt canisters at the speed of light and decided to try them plain. Remember, i definitely said I wasn't insane. The flake salt was wonderful, and I'd use it on a fish dish like grilled salmon. It
had a delicate quality to it.

Since I'm vegetarian and fish are not vegetables, I whipped up some simple Edamame with Sea Salt. Only I didn't use sea salt, I used the Cypriot Flake. I'm kind of like a culinary MacGyver in that way. It was delicious.

How much more can he say about the wonderful salt, you ask? Not much. It's fantastic, and I may or may not have whipped up a batch of chocolate truffles with fleur de sel afterward. No pictures, no evidence, no calories I say.

I then went on to try the various Italian sodas they sent me. Fantastic. Though I've never been to Italy but really like the food, I am a discerning Italian soda fan. These held up to my standard. Personally, i liked the pomegranate flavor the most.

Onto the juices. What I love about these is that they're perfect for mixing with alcohol. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're also delicious on their own, but the only REAL way to try lemonade is to whip up a vodka lemonade, right?

With prices comparable to big box and grocery stores, Whole Foods is in my opinion, a major player in the food on a budget space, especially when their items are this delicious.

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