Winter Soup Warm-Up

Winter Soup Warm-Up

It's cold outside! And what's the best way to warm up? Soup! Recipe4Living has so many soup recipes to share that we just had to put them all in one place!

Here's how it works: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we'll post a new winter soup recipe in our Recipe4Living newsletter. (Not signed up yet? Click here to get on the email list!) Check your newsletter for a link to this page that will be updated with the new recipes. You can also bookmark this page in your browser so you can come back every day to check for updates! Have your own winter soup recipe? Submit your favorite winter soup recipe here!

1. Creamy Cheddar Cheese Soup - A real good recipe for those cold rainy/snow days! This recipe is really good the day after you make it. It seems the flavors blend so well and it thickens in the fridge overnight.

2. Chicken and Rice Soup - This comforting, homemade soup traditionally heals all woes.

3. Beef, Barley & Mushroom Soup - Shitake mushrooms and diced turnip give that unexpected touch to beef and barley soup.

4. Southern Beef and Noodle Soup - This soup is appealing to the eye because of the fall colors. I carry on this cold weather tradition, only I make it in the crock pot, and it has the same wonderful flavor I remember so many moons ago.

5. Bean and Barley Soup with Ham - If you love hot bean soup on a cold winter's day, this is the soup for you. It's delicious and very filling.

6. Crockpot Chunky Pork and Sausage Chili - This hearty southwestern stew is chunky with pork, sausage, and beans.

7. Crockpot Goulash - Easy recipe cooked entirely in your crockpot!

8. Louisiana Seafood Gumbo - This Cajun seafood gumbo features lots of shellfish and a little andouille sausage for a more complex flavor.

9. Tomato Soup with Pepperoni and Provolone - It's quick, easy and tastes great!

10. Chicken Pasta Soup - This is a great soup for the whole family. Kids love eating the little pasta balls!

11. Hearty Meatball and Tortellini Soup - This is my version of two of my favorite Italian soups in one: Italian Wedding soup and Minestrone. It is great garnished with thin slices of pepperoni and fresh grated parmesan cheese and served with garlic bread.

12. Crockpot Italian Sausage Soup - This is a hearty soup that could serve as a full meal with a small salad.

13. Jambalaya - This shrimp and smoked sausage dish can be easily altered to your tastes, such as by using chicken or different seasonings.

14. Irish Chicken and Dumplings - Lots of potatoes add sustenance and substance to this dumpling dish. 

15. Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup - Instead of making tortilla soup on the stove try this recipe for a crock pot style. This is so much better since you can actually walk away and let the flavors cook with one another.

16. French Onion Soup - A little white wine and Worcestershire sauce really make this version of French Onion.

17. Unstuffed Pepper Soup - An easy way to have delicious stuffed bell peppers, without turning your oven on!

18. Potato Corn and Leek Chowder - A great combination of ingredients, this soup can help lower blood pressure through calcium, potassium and magnesium. Serve with hot sauce.

19. Turkey, Lentil and Orzo Soup with Turnips - When I came up with the idea for this soup...I thought it was a crazy combination but it turned out so good and heartwarming!

20. Garlic Short Rib Stew - A stew that brings out the overall great taste of the ribs and the flavor of garlic with a great texture from the beans.

21. Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup - The classic cure-all made with a whole chicken.

22. Winter Chowder -  This corn, potato, and celery chowder will warm you on a cold winter day.

23. Tomato Veggie Soup - Light and delicious with great tomato flavor!

24. Slow-Cooked Chili - Lots of beans and tomatoes make this a hearty chili recipe. Cumin and chili powder ensure lots of flavor!

25. Creamy Tomato Basil Soup - Creamy and delicious with V8 for extra vitamins.

26. Quick Vegetable Soup - This is an excellent recipe to use up leftover broth from a roast – it makes it extra-flavorful.

27. Turkey Noodle Soup - Enjoy a soup full of tender noodles, fresh veggies, and turkey in just 35 minutes.

28. Easy Pasta Fagioli - Typical Italian hearty winter fare done easy! Serve in bowls with a grated Romano or parmesan cheese, crusty bread and salad.

29. Chicken Mushroom Soup - Serve this hearty chicken and rice soup with warm crusty bread.

30. Beef Stew with Dumplings - This stew has very little liquid and a whole lot of yummy ingredients.

31. Hearty Potato and Onion Soup - I created this soup when I didn't have much of a grocery budget. It's simple, tastes great, and is good for you!

32. Cabbage Soup - Given to me by a family friend. Great for those cold winter/rainy days, or those chilly days in fall.

33. Minestrone Soup - This was given to me from a friend. A very hearty soup.

Think we missed something? Submit your own winter soup recipe here! And if you're looking for our next recipe countdown, check out The Great Grilling Countdown!


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