CONTEST WINNER: Chicken Cacciatore For Two

CONTEST WINNER: Chicken Cacciatore For Two


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This magnificent chicken cacciatore recipe is the winner of the Recipe4Living Herb Recipe Contest! Chicken thighs marinated with fresh rosemary, and thyme, sauteed in a light sauce with white wine, tomatoes, kalamata olives and garlic.

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  • 3 sm. tomatoes
  • 4 chicken thighs
  • 5-6 cloves garlic
  • 1 sm. onion
  • 1-2 C. white wine
  • 1 C. chicken broth
  • olive oil
  • kalamata olives
  • fresh rosemary
  • fresh thyme
  • parsley
  • salt and pepper

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Using a mortar and pestle, grind fresh thyme, rosemary, couple cloves of garlic and kosher salt into a paste. Rub the chicken thighs with the herb paste. Make sure to get it under the skin. Let chicken marinate for an hour....overnight wouldn't hurt. Heat large saute pan, add olive oil. On medium heat, sear the chicken thighs on both sides. Drain the fat. Add 4 or 5 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced. Add one small onion finely chopped. Saute until fragrant.

Deglaze with a couple cups of white wine. Add a cup of chicken broth (this will poach the chicken the rest of the way through).Add parsley, and more rosemary and thyme. Add olives. Add quartered tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Let simmer until liquid reduces. Serve over noodles.

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