Recipes - Wheat/Gluten-free (110)

  • Spicy Pumpkin Appetizer Soup

    This pumpkin soup can be used as a light first course for Thanksgiving or to accompany turkey sandwiches the next day. Nutritious and delicious, this is a treat for the taste buds! Easy adaptations make…

    Shared by wendybird
  • Artichoke & Jalapeno Dip

    This is a "chunky" dip that can be made as spicy hot as you want! This is a crowd pleaser! I ALWAYS come home with an empty dish! My husband says this dip would be good on a car bumper!

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  • Fresh Spring Salad

    Fresh and light, using ingredients from the Farmers Market.

    Shared by julesrae13
  • Georgia Caviar

    It's not fish, it's black-eyed peas and other veggies! This chunky dip can be made hot or mild. Once you start eating this, you CAN'T stop!

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  • Peach-Berry Smoothie

    This smoothie is so easy and delicious! Try it for a quick breakfast or snack.

    Shared by larkspur
  • Italian Stew

    This is a quick and easy stew that my grandmother used to make. It is very filling and easily adjusted to cater to individual tastes.

    Shared by tterihay
  • Mexican Spinach & Lime Soup

    The earthy bitterness of spinach is accented by bright hints of lime in this light, yet filling soup. An easy twist on the traditional, this version of the Yucatan classic "Sopa de Lima" features spinach…

    Shared by alwaysorderdessert
  • Easy No-Cook Apple Recipe

    A very typical dessert or snack for children in Argentina, this is very simple. It never fails and you can share!  

    Shared by lili
  • Baby Blue Punch

    I created this for my daughter's wedding punch, since her color was "baby blue". I have used it since for baby showers, for baby boys. Everyone loves it and thinks I should 'patent' it!

    Shared by karebh
  • Spicy Pumpkin Side Dish

    This is so healthful and delicious -- low calorie and nutritious, too.

    Shared by wendybird
  • CONTEST WINNER: Kettle's Citrus Healthy Salad

    This healthy citrus salad recipe is the winner of Recipe4Living's Citrus Season contest. During the gray and cold winter days, this citrus salad brings bright colorful flavor and keeps you in a cheerful…

    Shared by Kettle
  • Apple and Red Grape Cobbler (Gluten-Free)

    A lovely fall dessert that's light and resonant with fall fruit flavors. The crust is gluten-free and made with almond meal and rice flour.

    Shared by ashafsk
  • Marian's Avocado Mushroom Salad

    From my great-great aunt Marian.

    Shared by skrowerif
  • Succulent Watermelon Salsa Recipe

    This salsa is a fruity, crunchy summer fiesta!

    Shared by cuisinemeister
  • Bloody Mary Midday Delight

    Here is a lighter version of the classic made with a cucumber infused vodka. Perfect for these hot summer days! Mmm...

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