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  • CONTEST WINNER: Spooky Delights

    This "spooky" recipe was the winner of the Spook-tacular Halloween Recipes Contest! These treats will surely make your little ghouls eyes pop!

    Shared by lonewolf
  • Asian Turkey Wraps

    These Asian turkey wraps will give your dinner a new flavor and make a great meal!

    Shared by barcogifts
  • Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Pie

    This easy pie bakes up beautifully and tastes even better. It is a great pie to make when you have an abundance of fresh raspberries, or it can be made with frozen whole berries when fresh are not in…

    Shared by bakingmecrazy
  • Yummy Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

    This is a great appetizer or even a full meal for 1 person. It looks appetizing to the eye, and smells delicious when cooking. The taste is creamy and this recipe is very filling. I first tried this recipe…

    Shared by ddorflinger
  • Divine Cherry Squares Recipe

    I remember having these at church functions when I was growing up. I love to make these to this day, it brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood. Go ahead, mix up a batch this evening and start…

    Shared by MAMA JO
  • Mini Cheeseburgers

    These are great for kids and parties!

    Shared by barcogifts
  • Strawberry Sweetheart Cake

    Tantalize your sweetheart with this cake!

    Shared by lonewolf
  • Bloody Delights

    After your lil' vampires bite into one, they'll want to bite into more!

    Shared by lonewolf
  • Delightful Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

    This is simple and good for you.

    Shared by barcogifts
  • Gravediggers' Cake

    Let your little zombies grab a shovel and dig in!

    Shared by lonewolf
  • CONTEST WINNER: Cat's Tongues

    This recipe was given to me a few years ago by a friend from South Africa. They are a lot like the Italian cookie...the Milano. I make mine with special dark chocolate or a semi sweet chocolate....but…

    Shared by nessiehunter
  • Cinnamon Beet Rolls

    A classic sweet roll gets a new twist. Taking a cue from red velvet cake, this recipe uses beets to take the cinnamon roll to a new level. Ginger enhances the sweetness while orange balances the earthy…

    Shared by Recipe4Living
  • Double Chocolate Anise Cookies

    These cookies are chocolaty and chewy with a taste of anise. Delicious and perfect for Christmas!

    Shared by lonewolf
  • Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies

    This cookie is not real sweet and you can dress it up with colored sugars, icing or even chocolate. These have always been my very favorite cookie.

    Shared by lonewolf
  • Candy Cane Ring Cake

    This candy cane ring cake is a great way to celebrate Christmas in a unique way!

    Shared by barcogifts